The good life…all glory is His!

11 Jun

I have a good life…even when I feel as though i have been cursed, my life is good.

For all my life I have had parents who love me…and I have never ever ever doubted that.

I have two sisters who despite years of war…are my bestest friends ever.

I have always had a place to call home…and arms to run into.

My dad bought me my jeep and pays for my schooling, how blessed i feel because of him!

My mom knows the way to my heart…and when i hug her, i feel like a little kid again.

My bosses are absolutely amazing…working with my family is amazing as well. I could not ask for a better job at this time of my life!

Speaking of family…I have come to realize just how united the Fargher clan is. I have friends who speak of crazy amounts of drama within their families…and we don’t really have that πŸ™‚ Not only that…but when i find a Fargher on facebook that I don’t know, it’s not really weird or awkward for me to add them because we are almost always related some how. It’s a Fargher thing, you wouldn’t understand πŸ˜‰

I have the cutest nephew in the world…he is one of the greatest joys of my life!

The last couple weeks have been…different. The Lord has MANY different holes to fill in our lives…Father, Savior, Lord, God, Deliverer, etc…now the last 8 months I have realized what a great and wonderful Deliverer He is…and now, well I don’t know what He is revealing to me, but I like it. I guess also just being more aware that by taking control of my life, I spoil His blessings. If I manipulate to get my way, what I get isn’t as sweet and precious…rather it becomes a lie.

I have been reading a book I borrowed from Heather called Harvest. It’s filled with testimonies from some Calvary Chapel Pastors – Greg Laurie, Chuck Smith, Jon Courson, etc. I forgot how powerful testimonies are. I also realized how much I love my church. Now, don’t get me wrong because Calvary Chapel is no more special than any other church that believes in the Truth. But, I have such a respect for Chuck Smith. He begins the book by clearly stating that everything that has happened in the last forty-fifty years with Calvary Chapel is not because of him, but God. All glory goes to God. But for Chuck Smith to listen to the Lord and wait on Him, and then administer to drugged out crazy shoeless hippies in California…takes some guts and a love for Christ. If you haven’t yet, i HIGHLY suggest watching Greg Laurie’s testimony/movie

do You won’t regret it, and you’ll probably even shed a (happy) tear.


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