Summer (a montage)

8 Jun

Ever since graduating high school, Summer has taken on a different meaning. Pre-2006 Summers meant no cares, worries, and many lazy days doing no homework. Even though i was out of school, the thought of what clothes and supplies i would need for the upcoming year were on my mind just weeks after Summer vacation began.

But now…now that I am “growing up” each Summer that passes by holds a new meaning…

Summer 2006 (18): I just graduated and I had no idea or speculation as to what was in store for my life. I was a bum…and a very lazy one at that. I had no license or job…and my best friend at the time left to Germany to be an exchange student. I had no clue who i would hang out with…besides my sisters. I made the decision to go to Creation Fest, after which began a whole new journey for me. I spent countless days and nights with Sarah, Andrew, Jaden, Heather, Kameron, Scotty, etc. Saturday nights were THE nights to be at J and H’s house. The second half of this Summer was worlds apart from the first, it was the first time I pursued the Lord and grew really close with Him.

Summer 2007 (19): Over the rest of 2006 and the first half of 2007, the people I could call friends, and close ones at that – doubled…tripled…quadrupled??? This was my first Summer hanging out with Justine, Nigel, and Kaelee. It was the Summer I first took part in shenanigans. It was the first Summer I had my license and spent countless nights going where i wanted….and had many bonfires. I love bonfires! This was the Summer I first had a job to keep me busy, and some random nights I would end up in Seattle being scared by one of the pig statues because it talked. It was the first Summer I felt comfortable and accepted. It was the Summer of firsts.

Summer 2008 (20): This was the Summer in which Kaelee and I spent nearly every day together…eating horrible gas station food, pseudo-camping in my jeep, extreme shenanigans (think cones….), lazy days at the lake, pictures on the mac, countless chick flicks….we even made a list of Summer goals.

Summer of 2008
K-squared Adventures

1. Hike Mt. Pilchuck
2. Hike Mt. Ranier (not the whole mountain, but a trailhead thing)
3. Jump in lake at midnight
4. Buy a raft and float across river (dam by losers* house)
5. Put idiot’s* car for sale on craigslist
6. Make a cake in honor of our friendshipversary
7. Random road trip to Eastern Washington
8. Get Nigel…a lot…
9. Horseback ride and shoot bow and arrow while on horse
10. Devil egg someones car


1. Camp at random spot (many times)
2. Go on at least one date (we may need some guys…so ask) (only applies till we find the right guy who will be with us till death)
3. Climb rock hills in Monroe
4. Watch many much chick flicks (no repeats within a year)
5. Volunteer somewhere
6. Go on ferry
7. Go to Canada and get crunk (just kidding!)
8. Drink lots and lots of caffeine and eat lots of junk food

I think we only did like…3 total from both lists..but the memories we shared during this Summer will never be forgotten. This was the Summer my little sister got married. It was the Summer of singleness and celebrating the singleness! It was the Summer that made me thankful for the girls i have in my life. It was the Summer of the 24 hour Starbucks playing “1,2,3…” and random trips to the rest stop for free coffee. It was the Summer k-squared assisted Nigels car. It was an extremely laid back Summer…

and then….there’s Summer 2009 (21): This Summer was beyond any other. To kick it off i was SOOOOOOO incredibly blessed by the birth of my nephew Jericho Fury, hard to believe he is almost a year old…this was the Summer I knew i need to surrender to the Lord. It was a Summer where my first priority was fellowship. I’m pretty sure we had at least one bonfire a week. This was the Summer of record heat — which we battled by swimming in the river at 10 pm. This was the Summer I was in charge of Creation fest food and stuff. It was the Summer i was a youth leader in the youth group. It was the Summer of the pina colada song…of June Luxemburg, Tom Knoberson, Ned Shneebly, and George III…
It was the Summer I moved out. It was the Summer I first fell in love. It was the Summer that I would live over and over and over and over again…
It was the Summer that changed me like no other. It was a Summer of surprises. It was a Summer in which words cannot describe its amazingness. So i’ll let pictures do its justice…

Summer 2010 (22): And now i’m left here. I don’t know what to expect…seriously. In a way i am scared out of my mind…but excited, too. I guess come September I will have something to add here. This i know though, Summer for me always holds more memories and epic moments than any other season…that and I feel as though this will be a HUGE Summer for me. Thank you to those who have shared the wonderful memories of the last four Summers, if i had a champagne glass i would purpose a toast to Summer 2010…but alas i don’t and this is the virtual world anyway.

2 Responses to “Summer (a montage)”

  1. Chloe' Stevens 2010 June 8 at 4:27 am #

    kattie i lovee it!! you are such an amazing person you are so dedicated to everything you do and so commited to the Lord its so pure how you live your life through him. im so blessed to have you and your sisters in my life. who knew cameron hitting a baseball in your yard would create a 16 year friendship 🙂 i love you girl!!!


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