i am loved…

3 Jun

Every once in a while I go through a very brief trial where i feel as though i’m drowning in my life. The worries pile up and I feel overwhelmed. And as quick as it comes, it goes….and it is fleeing now…

I forget that my loved ones are merciful.

The last two nights I had trouble sleeping due to the things on my mind. Anger, anxiety, frustration..my mind was unstoppable. I had no idea how everything would work out, but i knew the Lord would deliver me…and He is, as always!


I also forget that the Lord has blessed me with a father who is an amazing provider. My dad is one of the hardest working guys i know…and has been that way for as long as i could remember. He also has a really cool job (he’s an aerospace engineer) and has worked all over the country for jobs just so my family would be provided for. Now that I am older it is my duty to stop relying on him as much, but sometimes i need to admit my defeat of independence and rely on him. He is my father after all 🙂


Last Sunday as I was walking down the halls of church, I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of people said “hi” to me. Now, I always have people saying “hi” at church or work, but there are just some days where it seems like there are more people doing so than normal. I noticed it back when I was in high school, too…and you know, i kinda like it! I always remembered growing up that being popular doesn’t mean having the best clothes, makeup, hair, etc…but that truly being popular is being well liked. That being said, that’s what i always try for.

I’ve never been one to cause much ruckus. There was one girl in high school who threatened to beat me up…but that and a break up was pretty much the extent of any high school “drama”.

i am self proclaimed “floater”.


Sometimes, i love rambling 🙂

Jesus is awesome, He is my Deliverer, my Hope, my Savior, my God…..


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