i fight His peace and provision

28 Apr

The Lord is my ultimate provider, always providing for me in unexpected ways.

I am a worrier by genes, always thinking too much about stuff the Lord has in His hands.

The two jobs I’ve had in my life were placed so easily in my lap, that it almost felt like i didn’t deserve them. Starbucks was the first and only business I got an application for three years ago. I just so happened to apply at the perfect time, for the manager was looking for replacements. The day i got hired was my first day on the floor, and in Starbucksland that doesn’t happen very often…

2 1/2 years later….

Last October Jaden’s parents were in Arizona, my mom having a job and Heather having the baby, couldn’t fill in for Stacey’s secretary position at the shoppe. Therefore, Jaden asked me if I could come in for a couple days. A desk job has always been something I wanted and i loved it! Once Jamie and Stacey got back, they asked if I would like to work here on a more consistant basis…and of course i agreed! I wasn’t even looking for a job, but the Lord provided.

In March I decided on becoming a nutritionist, and wanted to go back to school. But between two jobs, church, and school…something had to give. And I realized that it was time to move on from Starbucks.

Though i was relieved and ready to move on, the thought of only having one job without tips frightened me. I was worried that I couldn’t afford everything: rent, utilities, gas, food, phone, etc. Thankfully Stacey is very good with finances and all that, and did enlighten me with some of her wisdom. But even still, I was worried. I am a HORRIBLE spender!

But the funny thing I realized, is that every time I worry about money…my bank account is always at its worst. And when I just put the worry behind me, I’m always fine! So i tried SO hard not to worry about it, but the anxiety still was present. And the I was blessed and once again reminded of His provision. I got a raise at the shoppe! Not just any raise, a whole dollar! Which is quite a raise seeing it that at Starbucks I was lucky to get a .25 raise!

But then i caught myself STILL worrying about it! He gave me this raise, He blessed me, He wanted my heart to be at peace…but I was fighting it!

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with


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