31 Dec

I often annoy myself…especially when reading old blogs. What is even worse is reading my journal entries from two years ago… CRINGE WORTHY!

But just as much as I want to erase these blogs, they sort of hold as my testimony. Why am I ashamed of past posts? Simply because I cannot believe how immature I was! What’s even worse is that this current blog will one day be read by me and I will want to cringe at my current immaturity.
Catch 22 I guess….
I guess since it has been well over a year since my last post, I shall update the blogger world of my life which I obviously want to share since I have this blog. Yes, I will admit that I am self-absorbed. I also hate grammar, so all you grammar police people will probably go nuts!!!!
Here are the biggest updates:
I no longer live at home in Granite Falls/Arlington with my mom. Rather, I live in a quaint Snohomish home with four of my favorite people (one is getting married in a few weeks, and a different favorite person of mine is taking her place!).
Back in late-March my manager at the Frontier Village Starbucks wanted to know if I would switch stores and become a partner of the Lake Stevens Haggen Starbucks. If she would have asked me 24 hours earlier than she had, I would have said “no”.. But as it turns out, right before I started on that fateful day, I prayed to Jesus to help resolve the issues in the FV store, so when she approached me I knew I had to say yes. I had my reasons to be bitter of going, and stayed bitter for a LONG time! I was a partner at both stores until July. And once I realized how awesome my new manager Megan was, I surrendered to God and accepted the transfer. I still love my manager and store 🙂
I am now a youth leader for the high school group at my church! This was something I had been praying for for a while, and even though I don’t always feel fully equipped and mature for the responsibilities placed in front of me, I know it is where God wants me. Those kids have changed my life so much!!!
Heather, my older sister, gave birth last June to a BEAUTIFUL *ooops..i mean HANDSOME baby boy named Jericho Fury. He is the greatest joy of my current life, if I can love my nephew this much, it makes me wonder how much I would love my own children (God willing…)
Sarah has been married for over a year…WEIRD!!!!
Kaelee is engaged to Jeffrey! Even WEIRDER!!!!
My love life is pretty much non-existent once more. Well, not really….Jesus is the love of my life.
Jesus has a way of making great things happen when you least expect it. Needless to say I have endured yet another break up, but this one is unlike any of the others. God changed my heart during a week of amazingness at Creation Fest this past July. A boy I once made a point to not like due to my own ignorance, stole my heart in a blink of an eye. I cannot explain how crazy and amazing the couple months God lead us in a relationship were, but I know the trial I am currently facing will be the best yet. Before this boy came into my life I had no idea the peace God can give to be romanced by a guy who truly loves Jesus and has the right intentions for the relationship…and for the relationship to be God’s will for me!! I have no idea why God took away something He beautifully brought together. But knowing what I learned in two months with that boy, gives me hope that whether it be him who I marry or not…the man I will marry will all be worth this pain, sacrifice, and trial.
There are times I am still incredibly bitter and angry at God, there are times when I see him and all the pain and frustration is new again. But then there are times I surrender it all and have peace in midst of confusion. I have hope again.
I still need prayer…please.
Well, that’s my life.

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