16 Jul

I’m at work on my laptop during my lunch because I have nothing better to do.
There is a regular who is literally standing two feet from me…wait…he just moved…good…his butt was faced to me.
It’s a b-e-a-UTIFUL day outside and I really want to get more of a tan..but i have all Creation fest to do that 🙂
This time tomorrow I will be at the hospital
There’s nothing wrong with me, but i will have a new title, AUNT. That is right, I will be an aunt to a precious baby boy named Brandon. And it is not Heather who is pregnant, but my brother’s wife, Gina. 🙂
I’m excited, a new baby hasn’t been added to my family for a while! At least one that is close to me…
My mom is going to be a grandma! And my grandma is going to be a great-grandma. Which now means that both my grandma’s are great-grandma’s…WOW!
So yeah, I guess I shall introduce a new idea for my life…
On Sunday I was thinking of just how easy it would be for me to move to California.
My dad lives there so I will have a home, I can EASILY transfer to a Starbucks there as well as transfer to a community college (or UCLA as my dad prefers).
I applied for El Camino which I think is where my dad went…ha
It’s just a possibility, nothing set in stone. I mean…I don’t want to move there for a little while…at least until my mom gets everything in order with her life.
But who knows!
So yeah…
It’s funny…usually I have something (like a stupid crush on a boy) to hold me back…but I can say that I am free of that burden type crush…I only need one Man in my life, Jesus! 🙂
My fingers REALLY hurt, I am doing clean sweep today and cleaned all the nook and crannies of our back fridge.
Talk about work.
But I actually realized that I enjoy doing clean sweep…and when it hasn’t been done for a while or something inadequately does it, I get annoyed.
So, I’d rather do it…
even if my nails become horrendously damaged.
I guess I shall go eat something since this is my lunch.
I get off in two hours and then back home to get ready for church at the Stilly.
My goal this week is to use my current tank of gas for a week (starting Monday) and I’m pretty darn sure I can do that..I’ve used only a quarter tank thus far! Woo!
Man, my fingers really hurt…bah…
and if you remember, please pray for an easy birth and a healthy baby and mom!


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