13 Jul

I can’t help but judge someone by their drink…
If a hot guy comes into my work and orders a girly drink…it’s an instant turn off.
They need to MAN IT OUT and get a darn espresso…and just espresso.
Okay….so maybe i’m over exaggerating. Tea is alright…but a soy chai? NO…bad bad and you shall now grow man boobs.
This guy came in just a minute ago (i’m at my work, but not working…i get free internet here) and he was cute…i can’t lie…but he pulled out something that was an INSTANT turn off..
white sunglasses.
and they were big ones.
i don’t think he was gay…probably just one of those stupid guys trying to empress (e is on purpose) girls…when really it makes me want to LAUGH OUT LOUD.
Hmm..i bought a dress at target today, it’s cute…i’m excited to wear it.
I also go my bridesmaid dress..not the one i wanted but it’s fifty bucks is not more bucks cheaper and still cute
Creation fest is in one week and two days…YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i can’t wait!
I gotta say…i am frustrated.
Emailing people is often an absolute horrible form of communication…why?
Let’s put it this way…when you email a person, and you know said person is on at least once a day and they don’t write back you can’t help but think…”what is wrong with me”
my dad does this a’s not as horrible as like a guy that i like…but still frustrating…especially when the email i send concerns me getting money 🙂 (i’m a daddy’s girl…what can i say! And i don’t take it for advantage)
But yeah
It’s a beautiful day today, but i haven’t spent much time outside..i think i may go to like lundeen park and read or somehting…hmmm…


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