A New Start…randomness in it’s true form…ha

22 Apr

The last blogger bloggity I had was basically stupid, I was depressed and heartbroken.

I’m not that girl anymore, for I am no longer a teen. Those years are behind me. That’s right, I am twenty years old, and have been for eleven days! I’m starting to feel older too, no gray hairs yet 😉

This blog, is titled “a true woman child”. I didn’t want to be corny and quote the Britney Spears song, “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman”, so I went with Faith Hills hit, “Wild One”. I think it fits me fairly well.

The last year has treated me well. One of the biggest blessings are my friends

Justine – She’s the type of friend who I can trust to hold me accountable at all times. She’s told me the truth, even when I didn’t want to hear it, someone I can trust with anything. I can’t express just how much she has blessed me in this last year. My greatest memories this last year have her in them, and I can see her being in my life for a while to come…God willing!
Kaelee- She’s my adventerous partner in crime. We go on long excursions (a couple hours) and just cause havok. When we are mad at people, we team up and seek innocent revenge (usually involving tp, saran wrap, and musterd). We walk through Target together, find clothes we want…and then forget about the clothes and buy nerf guns. We have lots of fun, but even better is that we have similar problems in life. Boys, parents, etc. There have been many times that I am astonished by how similar our past situations have been.

Then there is Nigel, Deborah, Tessa, Chelsea, Morgan, Jason, Aric, Joey, and Kam.

Back when I got out of high school, I really didn’t believe I would be blessed with so many great friends.

Oh, there’s also Andrew, Sarah’s FIANCE’!
If it wasn’t for him going to Creation in 2006, I wouldn’t know the above people and my little sister wouldn’t be engaged. The Summer after I graduated sucked until he popped into my families life, and I couldn’t be happier. Good and bad times, he’s been there. He’s constantly trying to find me a guy to date (hasn’t worked yet…I ended up breaking a couple hearts…oops) and motivated me to get my license…

18 months ago I had no license, unemployed, no car, and didn’t go to college as most of my peers did. I can say that I now have my license (two tickets thus far…), I have had the same job for a year (and got a three on my one-year review, which is the best you could get), I have a car (and as much of a gas guzzler it is, I love it, and refuse to get a new one), and I am in college! Currently I am taking English 101 (my teacher is an atheist, and all the books we are reading have to do with God…whether it be in a good or bad light) and Math 55 (I’m too smart for that class……..)
So yeah, my life has changed quite a bit and I’m actually pretty busy these days between work, school, and church.

I recently got a new Bible for my birthday (Justine, Kaelee, and Nigel got it for me…it’s a study Bible, the exact one I wanted and they didn’t even know!)
I am bad at taking time to read His word, so I’ve been trying to do it more now that I got it. it’s a horrible motivation creator, but…it’s better than nothing!
I have been able to see more of just how blessed I am.
Take tonight for instance. I didn’t get too many hours for my last pay check, so it was really low and I was really worried. Basically it cost me 50-65 bucks to fill my Jeep up…and I do that every five days. I also have a 70 dollar cell phone bill, and owe my mom about that much for car insurance. I am horrible with money, and ran into some trouble…
You see, I got an iPod for my bday and needed an iTrip for my car…I bought the wrong one at Best Buy and so i resorted to ebay for cheaper choices. Using my paypal, I bought one for 12 bucks! However, it didn’t occur to me until after I checked my checking account balance a few days later that my savings account is attached to my paypal, and poof…there was an overdraft charge. I was pretty worried, and the next day it charged me again! 56.99 below 0 is my balance and all for a 12 dollar item! DANGIT. Stupid paypal charged me TWICE…it’s ridiculous. So yeah, you can imagine that I was worried paying all my bills and gas…when Jaden asked me for my cell bill money I broke into a nervous sweat and was like…”how much?” and he told me 0 dollars and 0 cents.
The cell phone people charged our account too much, and because of the mess up, covered our bill. That’s seventy bucks that I don’t have to pay! HALLELUJAH!

That is the best thing to happen to me in the last ten days.

My birthday was a huge blessing too. I had a lot of my closest friends with me (except heather because she decided to go camping…JERK!) and had dinner and went bowling! I had a lot of fun, too! I could seriously say that I got everything I wanted, and more. I wanted an iPod, a Bible, and a down comforter…and got it.

I also find myself incredibly blessed to have Jaden for my brother. Easter Sunday my started went out, I spent the night at Jaden and Heathers, but they left for church before me, and I was stranded. Jaden left church to bring my jeep to his dad’s tranny shoppe (jamie’s transmission) and took me to church so I could help Justine with the massive amount of first graders she had to teach. After church Jaden came back to the church after dropping Heather off back at home in Monroe, and took me to the shoppe while he put a new starter in my car. An hour later I was good to go, and had one task…to drop the old starter off so I could get some money back. I got to Autozone, exhausted, gave them the old starter and went back to my car…only to realize I locked myself out. I was in man-zone…something I DON’T do alone…it’s awkward. I needed Kaelee there, but she was working. So, I tried getting AAA to come, only to hear that because I don’t live with my dad, my account was cancelled. I got a cop to come, only for him to easily give up. Two hours and thirty minutes later in man-land, I saw Jaden…and couldn’t be happier. Once more that Easter day he made the journey from Monroe to Lake Stevens for me. That’s a total of three times in one day, I hate doing it even once a day…let alone three. He had more tools than the cop had, and after using a blowy up thing he got a hook inside my car. He couldn’t unlock my car manually, so he got creative and hooked my keychain to the hook thing and pulled them out of the car. My car, I found, was almost break in proof. It was a horrible day, and I went to bed around 8, which is something I NEVER do. I had many weird dreams, too.
A couple days later I noticed a small pink bag on my floor, I opened it and found a card and chocolates from Andrew’s family. I came very close to crying, I was once more reminded that I am loved by many.

Last Wednesday I was trying to find my keys, but couldn’t. I looked everywhere at church, and had to ask Joey for help because once more, I locked myself out. I felt horrible because I was supposed to meet Justine at Applebee’s, but I couldn’t go anywhere without my car! Joey got the churches slimjim and attempted to unlock my doors. It wasn’t until he called Drew Hamblen over that I finally got to grasp that glorious wheel and sit in my car seat. Drew got creative, took a window thingy out and found the wire that controls the lock. A couple minutes later my passenger door was opened.

Like I said, or should have…if i haven’t yet, I am incredibly blessed. I don’t have everything I want, but I definitely have everything I need and more.

Something y’all could pray for me about is that I REALLY REALLY want to go on a mission trip, and am waiting for a door to open. 🙂 I think it is something that i need to experience because I haven’t been on one yet, and I need to open my eyes to just how corrupted some areas are in this glorious world. I’ve heard many stories, but it will be more fulfilling to experience it myself!

so yeah, here’s some randomness…………………………………….ha.


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